Warranty Policy

I. For flower products

1. We commit to follow the prescribed flower pattern in a seed order of 85% or more. Take photos of products for customers to see before delivery. (Because some flowers depending on time or not, the shop will replace the same flowers and accessories as possible).

2. We are committed to providing fresh flowers, absolutely do not use flowers withered or withered to re-plug. Make sure the flower products are always fresh and durable for a long time if you know how to take care of the flowers.

3. Any problems resulting from the product being unusable will be 100% renewed.

4. The flowers are imported in the day should make sure not to marinate chemicals to keep flowers fresh. Make sure the flower is still fragrant and fresh when it comes to customers.

5. During the transportation process, if the flower product is scratched or deformed, we are committed to better compensating the flower product. If in the process of receiving, due to your hand damage to the flower, we are absolutely not responsible for the error.

II. For customer personal information

1.Hoa Sarang is committed to protecting the details of customers such as full name, age, address, phone number and email … We will store customer information to ensure the rights of customers. customers when using online services. The system allows customers to change personal information when needed.

2. If a third party requests customer information, Hoa Sarang will provide only the request from the customer.

3. It is possible that in the process of information security, there will be problems when hackers intrude. We are committed to processing fast and accurately to ensure the rights of customers.

4. Provide specific information such as email, hotline number when there are complaints from consumers related to personal information being used for the wrong purposes or the notified scope.