Privacy Policy is committed to protecting the privacy of customers’ privacy.

1. Purpose and scope of collection

To access and use some services at, customers may be required to register with us personal information (Email, Full name, Telephone number …). All declared information must ensure accuracy and legality. does not assume any responsibility related to the law of the declared information.

2. Scope of using information collects and uses Customer’s personal information for the purpose of proper and complete compliance with the content of this “Privacy Policy”.

When necessary, we may use this information to contact customers directly in the following forms: open letters, orders, thank you letters, sms, technical and security information. …

3. Information storage time

Personal data of Members will be stored until a request to cancel or self members log in and perform cancellation. Remaining in any case member personal information will be kept confidential on the server of

4. Address of the unit collecting and managing personal information

Fresh Flower Shop – Sarang Flowers

Address: Hồ Chí Minh

5. Means and tools for users to access and edit personal data

Currently, the website has not implemented a page to manage personal information of members, so the access and correction of personal data based on customer requirements by the following method, Call the customer service call center 0944.123.003, professional qualifications to identify personal information and call center staff will support editing on behalf of users.

6. Commitment to protecting customers’ personal information

Personal information of members on is committed to absolute confidentiality under’s privacy policy. Collection and use of information of each member is done only with the consent of that customer unless otherwise provided by law.

Do not use, not transfer, provide or disclose to any third party about the member’s personal information without consent from the member.

In the event that an information server is attacked by a hacker resulting in the loss of member’s personal data, will be responsible for reporting the incident to the investigating authorities for timely handling and notifying known members.

The absolute confidentiality of all online transactions of Members including the invoice information of digitized vouchers in the secure data center of level 1 of